Detroit River Walleye

Detroit Fishing guide Captain Z keeps careful records of every outing that include Water temperatures, wind, clarity, species and of course fish totals. In back to back years, Detroit Walleye Guide Captain Z broke records for species and quantities of fish. During our Detroit River walleye outings Captain Z has also harvested Master Angler Muskie, Sheep Head, and Red Horse Sucker! We hooked into a few giant Sturgeon as well. Talk about a fun rush on Walleye gear.

Detroit Fishing in the spring rarely disappoints. While the rain and wind keeps us on our toes we manage a great Detroit Walleye spring season. Between raindrops we manage great catches with a surprising number of Muskie being caught. The Detroit River Walleye season seems to be endless with quality catches and limits happening well in June and even early July. We made Detroit River Fishing history being featured on Michigan Out of Doors Television not once but twice (episode 1925).

Fishing in Detroit in April, can bring amazing catches, one customer brought in an 11lb Monster Walleye into the boat. Detroit River Fishing can also lead into hooking a Dinosaur, we occasionally hook into giant Sturgeon as well. Talk about a fun rush on Walleye gear.

Walleye Fishing in Detroit

Detroit River Walleye fishing is a must for every level of fishing enthusiast. The spring run (April - June) is truly one of nature's most bountiful gifts. The Detroit River fills with millions of Walleye from Ice out to mid-June. The 32 mile stretch of River from Lake St. Clair to Lake Erie is loaded with islands, drop offs and Channels. It is the ideal place to bring home your limit of Walleye or the wall hanger you always wanted. Detroit River Walleye Guide, Captain Z utilizes several different methods to catch fish. He has perfected the technique of Controlled Drift Jigging. Heavy jigs and plastics are used to entice the walleye into biting. We are also proficient in hand lining for those interested in using the true "River Rat"technique.

A growing trend in Detroit Fishing is what we call our NIGHT BITE outings. We head out on the Detroit River minutes before dark to begin your fishing adventure. Jigging and casting to unsuspecting Detroit River Walleye. The dark depths give up seemingly endless hulls of fish. The experience is enhanced by the surrounding beauty of the lights from Downtown Detroit and Windsor.

Walleye Jigging Tips

Detroit River Facts

Detroit River

●  The river contains the only International Wildlife Refuge in North America

●  It stretches 28 Miles from Lake St. Clair to Lake Erie and is home to nearly 200 Bald Eagles

Walleye Fishing

●  Each spring as many as 10 million Walley migrate from Lake Erie to the Detroti River

●  It has some of the nation's best Walleye fishing and part of the "Walleye Capital of the World."

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